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In my SIAMM thinking:
- I use the ENTRY to model using a fixed pattern the process of documentation of anything (the context of documentation) and that what is documented
- What can be documented is done using a panel (compound statement) as CLUSTER
- The compound statement CLUSTER documents all about the context of the panel
- The compound statement CLUSTER can hold one or more single statement CLUSTERS
In this way the path always is the same for one single statement of a panel of single statements.

In CIMI they use the ENTRY in a peculiar way to achieve the same, but I am not in favor of this solution.

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> On 4 Dec 2017, at 01:14, Koray Atalag <k.atalag at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I couldn’t see any further discussions on the points Thomas raised – especially around being able for AQL to be able to fetch a lab result whether inside the single analyte or part of a panel. Right now they’d be two different paths and it is not ideal. I’ve also read the documentation Ian has put and found it confusing as well.
> Can I ask to provide further guidance to the community using the specific use cases Tom gave below? I reckon going with the panel option by default is probably a practical good solution
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> -koray

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