Using the openEHR Problem Reports tracker - voting, search, comments.

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Wed Dec 13 13:45:37 EST 2017

openEHR 'issues', aka Problem Reports (PRs) are located here 
There are two features which the community can use on issues which can 
help you to help us improve the specifications more quickly. The first 
is that you can use 'advanced search' to look at issues in convenient 
ways, to find what you care about for example.

The second is to 'vote' for issues, which means you want this issue to 
be addressed. Issues with more votes get looked at first.

The two links are visible as you can see below - Advanced search is at 
the top right hand side of the window, while the 'vote for' link is on 
the right hand side of any particular issue.

If you use the advanced search, one useful filter is to search by 
Component. Here is an example. Choose the 'More' drop down to have 
'Component' filter added to the search; then set it to the components 
you want. Make sure the resolution, status etc are what you want to see. 
The example here shows only PRs for AOM2 and AQL.

These features should help you navigate issues better, particularly if 
you are trying to figure out if there is already a report for something 
you think is an issue.

Another feature to look out for and use is the comments on individual 
issues - there are many issues with detailed discussions, and this is 
how we capture discussions on specific things, better than the main 
mailing lists, where things can get forgotten.

- thomas

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