Two LOINC codes for one lab-item

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Wed Feb 15 10:21:27 EST 2017

This is in my view also the correct solution and explanation. The only 
thing to add is that these bindings only make sense within archetypes 
specific to particular lab results, e.g. urinalysis or protein, or even 
just creatinine, depending on how the lab results / panels are modelled.

- thomas

On 15/02/2017 06:57, David Moner wrote:
> Bert, I think you have a misconception there.
> In your example there are not codes for different units. There are 
> codes for different complex concepts: "Creatinine [Mass/volume] in 
> Serum or Plasma"  and "Creatinine [Moles/volume] in Serum or Plasma". 
> You cannot use those codes to code just the units of measurement. The 
> unit codes are pure UCUM: mg/dL and umol/L.
> In the openEHR archetype you don't need to add a particular binding at 
> the unit level of the dv_quantity. The unit value is already a 
> standard and interoperable code. And as I said before, the LOINC codes 
> are bindings for the container Element that will contain that specific 
> measurement. You only have to model the archetype to match the two 
> possible configurations:
> choice {
>   ELEMENT   {     --> Bind to: 2160-0 Creatinine [Mass/volume] in 
> Serum or Plasma
>      DVQuantity {
>           unit { "mg/dL}
>      }
>   }
>   ELEMENT   {     --> Bind to: 14682-9 Creatinine [Moles/volume] in 
> Serum or Plasma
>      DVQuantity {
>           unit { "umol/L}
>      }
>   }
> }

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