Two LOINC codes for one lab-item

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The use case discussed was our use case. All that has been explained
makes perfect sense from a lab perspective (Mol and Mass are different
test), however in our use case we do need to aggregate them. 
In our case it is allowed to report have for example createnine in both
mg/dl and mmol/l, in the software application it will be one field with
a choice for the unit, we receive info from multiple labs in europe). We
are also looking for the possibility for electronic exchange of HL7v2
messages in the future. We use the lab test observation (inlcuding
specimem details)  and lab test panel to record the test result. We try
to bind with both SNOMED and LOINC (being flexible), on a template level
I see only two solutions: 
I now see two options:
	●  Either we don't bind to LOINC and MAP Loinc codes in the
mapping software we inevitable are going to need to process the HL7V2
message. Result is one archetype with both mol and mass units. 
	●  Or we invent a testfinding container archetype (Called
Creatinine that binds to Snomed) and under that we have two test panel
archetypes for  Mol and Mass. This makes building the app more difficult
but at least we know the composition is related to Createnine. 
Currently we prefer solution 1.
Best regards,

Wouter Zanen

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>>> Ian McNicoll <ian at> 16/02/2017 11:04 >>>
Helpful but do rely on having some fairly sophisticated terminology
services and available mappings.  
We should keep this dialogue going as we will be working in a mixed
loinc snomed environment in a uk project.  
On Thu, 16 Feb 2017 at 09:38, Bert Verhees <bert.verhees at>

Very well thought out guidelines in the second part. Will be helpful in
the discussion

Op do 16 feb. 2017 om 10:07 schreef Ian McNicoll <ian at>:

This was helpful but still implies that some sort of terminology
service is required

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