Missing lab test archetypes from CKM

Heather Leslie heather.leslie at oceaninformatics.com
Tue Jan 3 23:22:58 EST 2017

Hi Pablo,

These archetypes were unpublished archetypes that have been rejected according to the openEHR policy and for valid reasons around patterns and design, still led by Ian.
See specs here: http://www.openehr.org/releases/AM/latest/docs/Identification/Identification.html#_lifecycle_model. The only exception is that Release candidate has not been implemented in CKM.

You can see the archetypes you are looking for in the openEHR CKM, including their log message re what archetypes they have been superseded by:
·       openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.lab_test.v1 - http://www.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.350_REVISIONHISTORY
Laboratory test, Rejected Archetype [Internet]. openEHR Foundation, openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager [cited: 2017-01-04]. Available from: http://www.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.350
·       openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.lab_test-blood_glucose.v1 - http://www.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.564_REVISIONHISTORY
Blood glucose, Rejected Archetype [Internet]. openEHR Foundation, openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager [cited: 2017-01-04]. Available from: http://www.openehr.org/ckm/#showArchetype_1013.1.564

I suspect that your issue is that your CKM search was only using the default, in which the lifecycle states do not include Rejected and Deprecated archetypes – see the second tab labelled ‘Lifecycle’ on the Search/Find Resources page.  See below
[cid:image002.png at 01D2669C.CD076170]

The current UI works with these set defaults so as to optimise access to all current and active governed archetypes. If we added all rejected and deprecated archetypes plus all those in incubators to the default search then you would always find every archetype but there would be a lot more ‘noise’, which we felt was not useful for the majority of users. Perhaps we have it wrong and if you have suggestions on how to improve this, please contact me directly.

Kind regards


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I been using these archetypes for some time (created by Ian):


I *believe* those were in the CKM before, but it seems that were removed, the most similar I could find are:

If the first two archetypes were on the CKM before and also were overriden by one of the mentioned above, shouldn't we have a more formal way of deprecating archetypes?

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