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Roger Erens roger.erens at
Thu Jan 5 09:18:55 EST 2017

Hi Marcus,

thanks for the summarizing the highlights of Discourse.
One request for elaboration, please:

2017-01-05 14:31 GMT+01:00 Marcus Baw <marcusbaw at>:

> Discourse will allow a number of things to happen that you can't have at
> present:

> ...
> * 'accepted answer' to a question can be marked and thereafter a direct
> link to the accepted answer is displayed right in the post asking the
> question (a little bit like Stack Overflow, not quite as rich, but good
> enough).

Does this mean 'accepted' by the person starting the thread/discussion, or
by 'the openEHR community'?
Is it also possible to mark an 'accepted answer' (e.g. 'Use my software
package v1.1!') as 'outdated' (e.g. with reason 'Use software package

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