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Hi Thomas,

This might help you:


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Clinical modellers,

I'm trying to work out the latest design of Lab archetypes. A Lab result seems to now be a structure like the following:
·        openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.laboratory_test_result
o   + at0097|Test findings|: openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.laboratory_test_panel [*]
§  +at0002 |Laboratory Result|: CLUSTER [*]
§  +at0004 |Reference range guidance|
§  +at0005 |Result status|
§  +at0014 |Result Detail|: [open slot] - ?   openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.laboratory_test_analyte [*]
§  +at0001 |Analyte Result|: DATA_VALUE
§  +at0003 |Comment|: DV_TEXT
§  etc
·        is this a correct understanding of the current design?
·        where would the LOINC code for each analyte go?
·        we could build some common test panels by specialising the test analyte archetype into things like TSH, TS4, etc and lab test panel into 'thyroid test'  - is anyone doing this?
·        how does AQL querying work if LOINC is not in use / not available?

It would be good if there was a design page on this e.g. in the openEHR wiki.


- thomas

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