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Panels have a specific name
And can have an associated result describing the panel as a whole.
Plus context data pertaining to the panel and all its items.
E.g. Haematology panel: normal.
Both the Panelresult and the results of the individual items can to be queried.

- The individual Itemresults are the result of a process and therefor Observations (ENTRIES)
- The Panelresult is the result of an EVALUATION

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> On 13 Jul 2017, at 21:19, Thomas Beale <thomas.beale at> wrote:
> Going a bit further in my analysis, it seems to me that the archetypes needed are not exactly what are in CKM right now... I would expect:
> COMPOSITION: Lab report
> order meta-data
> etc
> OBSERVATION: Lab Test [*]  // may be LOINC coded here, or via archetype binding only
> protocol
> method
> other details...
> sample
> data/events/data: ITEM_TREE: results [1]
> ELEMENT: test status
> ELEMENT: diagnostic service category
> ELEMENT: conclusion
> ELEMENT: test findings
> ELEMENT: pathological diagnosis
> CLUSTER: Lab Analyte Result [*]  // may be LOINC coded here, or via archetype binding only
> value
> method [0..1]
> comment [0..1]
> other detail [0..*]
> Only the bolded items need be archetypes. So I don't think 'lab panel' (understanding 'panel' as just a list of analyte results) needs an archetype. Maybe I am missing something....
> - thomas

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