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Tue Jul 18 20:36:59 EDT 2017

On 17/07/2017 17:00, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree - is panel only meant to
> reference the "probe" or "sample" ?  Typically, "panel" is a
> tool for (lazy ;-) doctors, providing relief from the need to
> really think about which answers are needed, and hence which
> questions (tests) need to be asked.

that was partly my original point.. 'panel' has more than one meaning, 
and is used differently in the ordering phase (I can't think right now 
if I really want TSH or T4... just give my a 'thyroid panel') to the 
analysis phase and the review / use phase. It could mean:

  * a list of analytes I want, that happen to come from a single (kind
    of) sample, e.g. blood serum, such as a chem 20
  * a list of analytes related to a specific system or organ, tested on
    a single sample, e.g. Liver function test, thyroid test, ...
  * any group of analytes I ask for in the same order, which might come
    from one or more samples

- thomas

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