Major update to openEHR Task Planning (workflow) draft specification

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Thu Jun 1 02:30:58 EDT 2017

Good worked out, good thought through, a welcome addition to the RM.
Thanks for writing and the sponsors, thanks for funding.


On 01-06-17 06:40, Thomas Beale wrote:
> I have published a major update to the Task Planning draft 
> specification 
> <>. 
> It now includes sequential and parallel groups, conditional pathways, 
> and a new model of execution time structures. It's still very rough in 
> places, but in the interests of 'publish early publish often'...
> The main thing to be obtained from this version is that the general 
> model structure I think is about right, i.e. the separation of Task 
> List definition, runtime structures and execution history.
> All comments welcome, either
>   * here, for general comments

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