Major update to openEHR Task Planning (workflow) draft specification

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Thu Jun 1 10:54:03 EDT 2017

On 01/06/2017 02:57, Tony Shannon wrote:
> Looks good Tom, certainly comprehensive.
> Like the fractal nature aspect :o)
> Not sure how to judge it without challenging with a clinical scenario 
> at a reference implementation.
> Is there a related OS implementation in the works?

We'll need to do a bit more design work, but I think parts could be 
implemented soon, in an experimental version.

I should point out that this design is heavily influenced by a) 
experiences from various openEHR implementers, b) my involvement in the 
Intermountain Healthcare Activity project and c) a lot of literature 
research. At Intermountain we have a working system (it's based on their 
own form of archetypes, and a different reference model, so not directly 
re-usable for us) and we have gained experiences already with clinical 
users on:

  * radiology reporting and workflow
  * stroke management, based on the IHC acute stroke guideline
    which is comprehensive
  * various nursing procedures featuring sequence-of-steps

It would be great to get your help and that of other clinicians to test 
out the new spec with NICE guidelines e.g. I'd like to have a go at 
(parts of?) sepsis, and stroke is always a good one as well.

But even the simplest use cases need to be tested to make sure we have 
got the model right - things such as in-patient routine drug admin, 
R-CHOP chemotherapy protocol and so on.

I think the simplest way to initially test, given we don't have software 
yet, is to build some archetypes. So for example, a typical R-CHOP Task 
List can be built as a set of archetypes.

So I think the steps from here are:

  * a bit more design work and validation
  * republish a 'good enough' draft to test and implement from
  * build some archetypes and templates for some well-known case to show
    how this is done
      o when we add the model to the existing RM BMM, any BMM-consuming
        tool will be able to build Task Planning archetypes, which at
        least includes ADL Workbench, LinkEHR and I think the new Marand

If you or any other clinical person wants to propose clinical scenarios 
we should concentrate on, please do so. I'm working on the idea that we 
will start with:

  * multi-day / multi-drug chemo plan
  * in-patient scheduled drug admin plan
  * elements of a stroke guideline (IHC or NICE)

Then we will need to iterate like that for a while; when the archetyped 
Task Plans look solid enough, I think software building can begin in 

- thomas

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