Mandatory elements in archetypes, and user interfaces

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Crossposting this between the clinical and implementers lists, since it belongs in both:

In some archetypes, one or more elements are set as mandatory (typically occurrences 1..1 or 1..*), because the rest of the concept makes no sense without this particular element recorded. Examples are Problem/diagnosis name in Problem/diagnosis, and Temperature in Body temperature. This is not intended to mean that it's mandatory to enter data into the element in a UI, but that this particular element is mandatory in any persisted composition that uses the archetype.

Recently however, we received a request to change the Head circumference element in the Head circumference archetype from 1..1 to 0..1 because the element being mandatory in the archetype automatically made the UI form builder mandate the entering of data into the UI field, and removing the archetype on the fly made more unnecessary clicks. In a fit of mental hiccups, I agreed with and performed this change, but have since realised this is wrong, because:

*       A mandatory archetype element is not the same as a mandatory UI field

*       A mandatory UI field is more like a field where you only allow persisting non null values, while a mandatory archetype element can be persisted with a null value without a problem.

How are implementers actually handling this? Do you separate UI field mandation and archetype element mandation?

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