Sports and Wellness

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Wed Aug 1 02:28:34 EDT 2018

Is this subject clinical?  Not really (maybe another mailing-list would 
be in place, I explain it)

A few weeks ago I discussed that OpenEhr should also focus on sports and 
wellness, because it is a growing market, it is very much related to 
health, and it has about the same software requirements as EHR has.

One of my favourite jokes I make last weeks when I talk with healthcare 

Health and Healthcare should also be about Health. It is a bit Orwellian 
New Speak to name care for illness as healthcare. A better word would be 
ill-care. Healthcare should be about good food, sports, things that make 
you healthy.

(But this is  a joke, for a laugh,  Hahahaha)

But nevertheless, OpenEhr should also focus on "healthcare" Sports and 
Wellness, we had that discussion. Technical spoken, it is fit for that 
purpose, I even would call it almost ideal, a lot can be done under 
Observations. Also "idea-like", it fits well. People do sports for their 

But we need archetypes. Archetypes in CKM are focussed on ill-ness, so 
there are some additions needed.

Archetypes and Templates for this purpose. But how do we get them? It is 
not easy because in medical informatics, mostly is talked about 
registration of illness, and that is not the right thinking frame for 
this purpose.

So it is good that there is information on the Internet, and quite a 
lot. But we need someone who will write the archetypes. I must tell you, 
this will not be me. It is not my expertise, although, if I really 
try.... But it is better if somebody else does it.

I give you one pointer, in that you find many keywords to find other 

Also check out this person, he is really good and experienced and 
focused a lot on sports-software.

Good luck, I hope some one will pick up the challenge.

If no-one does, I do it maybe, or maybe not. I will see. But again, 
better someone else does it. There should be a organizational addition 
of the CKM-organization (and a mailing-list) so that it will be done in 
structured way. This would be good to attract the right people.

Best regards


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