completeness of tagging of archetpyes with snomed terminology IDs

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Hi Georg,

It is partly a matter of resources and partly a question of it actually
being very hard to do, as you are generally faced with a number of choices
and omissions in SNOMED CT - that's not a criticism, just a reality.

It is also a question of 'where's the value'? Querying for element names
within an openEHR CDR does not generally rely on external reference
terminologies like SNOMED so there has not been much drive to do this work
from vendors, particularly as actual SNOMED CT adoption remains relatively

Having said that, any input would be very welcome, and CKM is well set up
to support the collaborative review of suggested bindings. Thee may be a
bit of a push from the UK, which is intending to use SNOMED CT to
drive FHIR Observation coding / profiling rather than LOINC, but the
process does need folks with some experience and authority in terms of
dtermining the correct bindings.


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On Mon, 27 Aug 2018 at 12:02, Georg Fette <georg.fette at>

> Hello,
> When looking at the published archetypes in the international CKM I see
> a lot of archetype members that do not have a terminology binding, but
> which could possibly have one. The "Body Surface Area" for example has a
> member "Body Surface Area" which has no bound code but could have the
> Snomed Code 128178001. Or "Blood Pressure" has terminology bindings for
> its members "Systolic" and "Diastolic", but not for the "Mean arterial
> pressure". Is there a reason for those non existing bindings or is it
> just because the bindings have not yet been needed and so nobody added
> them yet ?
> Greetings
> Georg
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