completeness of tagging of archetpyes with snomed terminology IDs

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Hello Georg,

Defining bindings has been a topic of discussion for many years. I would
say that term bindings (bindings to the labels of the nodes in the
archetype) are more difficult than the constraint bindings (bindings to a
subset of valid terms). This is mostly because when creating "label"
bindings most of the time the meaning of a given item in snomed (e.g. blood
pressure) is not exactly the same as "measure of a blood pressure". Some
countries such as Spain have gone the other way around by defining Snomed
codes in the extension with the meaning provided by the archetype element
itself. Other standards bodies use Loinc with this same principle.

Also, using wrong codes is quite easy if you are not aware of the Snomed
hierarchy (specimen vs procedure, etc.)


El lun., 27 ago. 2018 a las 13:03, Georg Fette (<
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> Hello,
> When looking at the published archetypes in the international CKM I see
> a lot of archetype members that do not have a terminology binding, but
> which could possibly have one. The "Body Surface Area" for example has a
> member "Body Surface Area" which has no bound code but could have the
> Snomed Code 128178001. Or "Blood Pressure" has terminology bindings for
> its members "Systolic" and "Diastolic", but not for the "Mean arterial
> pressure". Is there a reason for those non existing bindings or is it
> just because the bindings have not yet been needed and so nobody added
> them yet ?
> Greetings
> Georg
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