Modeling family members / next of kin participants and "other clinicians"

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I'm checking on the RM 1.0.2 how to add information about family members
(if the patient is a child or an elder), and maybe other clinicians that
participate of an emergency care event (composition).

In 1.0.2 the extra participations appear at the ENTRY level as

But it is not possible to add that kind of information at the COMPOSITION

I think a family member that participates through all the event should be
linked at the COMPOSITION level, and maybe some clinicians and nurses also
need to be at that level.

1. One idea is to use the EVENT_CONTEXT.other_context to add DV_IDENTIFIERs
of DEMOGRAPHIC entities that represent family, clinicians, nurses, etc. But
that is a little "hacky" since I want to reference DEMOGRAPHIC entities and
DV_IDENTIFIERs are not for that, the reference should be PARTY_REF that is
used from PARTY_PROXY, but can't add PARTY_PROXY to
EVENT_CONTEXT.other_context because the RM doesn't support it, since

2. Another idea is to add ADMIN_ENTRY and do the same there, also a little
hacky and has the same problem with the RM types.

3. The third is to add all the participants to each ENTRY of the
COMPOSITION, duplicating the same data by the number of entries.

4. An idea between 2 and 3 is to add a dummy ADMIN_ENTRY with no data, that
includes the participants in the ENTRY.other_participants collection.

How do others model this?

Would it be useful to propose a change to the model to support "global"
participants at the COMPOSITION level?


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