Archetype Modeling Methodology

David Moner damoca at
Mon Feb 26 04:49:18 EST 2018

Dear community,

We have just published a new paper describing a formal Archetype Modeling
Methodology (AMM). The aim of this paper is to provide archetype designers
(especially those who are new to this methodology) with clear guidelines on
how to face an archetype development project.

D. Moner, J.A. Maldonado, M. Robles, Archetype modeling methodology,
Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 79 (2018) 71–81.

You can find the published paper in

For those who don't have access to it, I have prepared a white paper
summarizing the methodology. You can find it in

We hope this contribution is useful for you and that it facilitates
archetype adoption.

David Moner Cano

Twitter: @davidmoner
Skype: davidmoner
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