Modeling family members / next of kin participants and "other clinicians"

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Tue Feb 27 16:37:20 EST 2018

Hi Pablo,

there is COMPOSITION.event_context.participations, of type 
List<PARTICIPATION> (see here 
It seems to me that does what you need.

- thomas

On 20/02/2018 04:10, Pablo Pazos wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm checking on the RM 1.0.2 how to add information about family 
> members (if the patient is a child or an elder), and maybe other 
> clinicians that participate of an emergency care event (composition).
> In 1.0.2 the extra participations appear at the ENTRY level as 
> But it is not possible to add that kind of information at the 
> I think a family member that participates through all the event should 
> be linked at the COMPOSITION level, and maybe some clinicians and 
> nurses also need to be at that level.
> 1. One idea is to use the EVENT_CONTEXT.other_context to add 
> DV_IDENTIFIERs of DEMOGRAPHIC entities that represent family, 
> clinicians, nurses, etc. But that is a little "hacky" since I want to 
> reference DEMOGRAPHIC entities and DV_IDENTIFIERs are not for that, 
> the reference should be PARTY_REF that is used from PARTY_PROXY, but 
> can't add PARTY_PROXY to EVENT_CONTEXT.other_context because the RM 
> doesn't support it, since PARTY_PROXY is not LOCATABLE.
> 2. Another idea is to add ADMIN_ENTRY and do the same there, also a 
> little hacky and has the same problem with the RM types.
> 3. The third is to add all the participants to each ENTRY of the 
> COMPOSITION, duplicating the same data by the number of entries.
> 4. An idea between 2 and 3 is to add a dummy ADMIN_ENTRY with no data, 
> that includes the participants in the ENTRY.other_participants collection.

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