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Dear All,

Thinking of querying, it seems to me that it would be really useful in some contexts (e.g. population screening) to be able to issue a query that not only pulled back everyone above a threshold stated in the query, but that could also not state that, and pull out every record of a result considered at the time to have been over or under the screening threshold then in force, even if it’s since changed (or the record came from another area where a different cut-off was in force at the time)…



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I think there are various option (like always). One of them is to store the thresholds separately from the RM. This is in fact fairly easy, only afterwards we will not be able to execute some query like give me all patients with thresholds above whatever. Or give me all patients that are above thresholds set by themselves (or the doctor). At least not via AQL, or a single query.

Within the RM provides me series of other complexities. So that would leave me to using decisions Support. But that requires really a huge amount of work for something that looks easy.. ;-)

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