Science of Machine Learning (was Machine Learning , some thoughts)

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Initially, I thought that it would have been this one:

But it seems to be entirely US based.

“Events of importance worth recording in the BOOK OF LIFE are frequently put on record in difference places since the person moves about
the world throughout his lifetime. This makes it difficult to assemble this BOOK into a single compact volume.
Yet, sometimes it is necessary to examine all of an individual’s important records simultaneously. No one would read a novel, the pages of which were not assembled.
Just so, it is necessary at times to link the various important records of a person’s life”.

Getting there ☺


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BTW, is someone aware of this project by Google?

Le 03/07/2018 à 12:40, Birger Haarbrandt a écrit :
Hi Philippe,

I completely agree with your view. This is why data stewardship is needed before we can make real use of the data:

As we use this approach in HiGHmed, I might be able to report in 2020 about lessons learned :)


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Am 03.07.2018 um 12:21 schrieb Philippe Ameline:

Le 02/07/2018 à 11:31, Bert Verhees a écrit :

On 30-06-18 17:16, Philippe Ameline wrote:

(improperly labeling images or adding images of objects that are not

plants) could probably make the whole app plainly crappy.

Of course Philippe, but that would be vandalism. Most sensible people

don't do that when they stand behind the goal, and a little bit of

dirt, therefor it is Machine Learning, it can filter it out. It is

part of the learning process.

If a culture of data quality is properly installed, then it is possible

to name improper use "vandalism".

In medicine, since such a culture has never existed, we could name it

"don't carisme", "no time for thisisme" or "was never thaughtisme".

My point, and what the paper I previously pointed out explains, is that

trying to get something out of machine learning in a domain of poor data

quality is a modern kind of magic thinking.

It just means that any such project should first organize for data

quality as a first step.

When considering it in hindsight, it makes sense since machine learning

involves statistics and data quality is paramount in this domain.


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