Non existing constraints: closed or open interpretation?

Pablo Pazos pablo.pazos at
Wed Jul 4 01:22:51 EDT 2018

Hi all,

I'm adding some extra checks on the EHRServer, and found cases where users
were committing compositions with nodes that are not defined in the
referenced OPT.

That made me think of the interpretation of non existing constraints. For
instance, the extreme case of can empty COMPOSITION OPT (no constraints
defined for the COMPOSITION.content), how that should be interpreted?

1. open: any structure is allowed on the COMPOSITON.content

2. closed: structures not defined in the OPT are not allowed

On a normal case where the full OPT is defined, from COMPOSITION to
ELEMENT.value, how that OPT is interpreted? open or closed? Are extra
ENTRIES and other nodes allowed even no definition for them is on the OPT?
(open interpretation), or only OPT defined nodes are allowed? (closed

I think this is key to understand implementation, and it is sad I didn't
recognized this issue before, but here we are :)


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