How to define transitions in the ISM

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Hi Ivar,

On 27 Jul 2018, at 18:02, Ivar Yrke <iyr at> wrote:
> I actually did look into the code. After some struggling into the VB code (which isn’t my strong side) I eventually found that the problem also went into the underlying java-classes (which is not my strong side either). I concluded this was not an easy fix, which I had hoped, and basically gave up.

Just a minor point: the underlying classes are written in Eiffel, not Java. The Eiffel archetype parser underlying AE was forked from Thomas’s version 1.4 parser in 2007, at the time when he started work on specialisations and other 2.0 improvements. Yes indeed, fixes and enhancements to AE sometimes required changing the forked Eiffel code. The intention was that AE would eventually switch to the latest 2.0 parser code, with the option of backward compatibility with ADL 1.4, but we never got around to doing it. The Eiffel source code is here, by the way:

I don’t recall digging deeply enough into how AE handled transitions to discover whether the underlying Eiffel parser had a problem with them.

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