What to call this concept?

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My guess is that there is no such single word or phrase for this but I would offer ‘main preoccupation’ or even ‘main preoccupation or work’ and then add a scope not saying it does not need to be paid work
Tom  Seabury

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The consensus view from the Apperta crew (over beer, so treat with caution) is that 'Occupation' is fine. In UK use this would be seen more broadly than employment to include 'what do you do?' student, carer, child, child carer, Xbox carer, whatever.


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On Fri, 15 Jun 2018 at 09:32, Sebastian Garde <sebastian.garde at oceaninformatics.com<mailto:sebastian.garde at oceaninformatics.com>> wrote:
Life Circumstances
Life and Work circumstances
Circumstances of living and working

Something like that maybe?

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Maybe main activities.? Routine?

But being a child is not an activity :)

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Hi everyone,

We’ve been struggling for a while to define and delineate a concept about the activities an individual does during their day – do they do paid work, unpaid work, are they a student, are they unemployed and seeking work, unemployed and not seeking work, retired, carer, are they a young child or infant, or something else? There may be multiple, like both studying and working.

A lot of feedback has been that we should constrain this to just employment, ie paid work. That would make the definition simple, but that’s not the concept we’re trying to define. We’ve been thinking about things like role in life, socio-economic or psychosocial activity situation, or activity in daily life. The first is rather vague, the second isn’t really a common expression, and the third feels too close to “ADL”, which is normally thought of functional assessments like whether you can take care of your own hygiene and nutrition.

A typical question that would lead to this concept could be “What do you do?”.

We’d really appreciate any ideas for what words or phrases we should use to name and describe this concept!

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