What to call this concept?

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at openehr.org
Fri Jun 15 06:25:21 EDT 2018

Without getting into all the obvious philosophical rabbit holes, a term 
I have seen used for (some of) this is 'social history' (a bit like 
'natural history' for a particular kind of animal).

- thomas

On 15/06/2018 07:41, Bakke, Silje Ljosland wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We’ve been struggling for a while to define and delineate a concept 
> about the activities an individual does during their day – do they do 
> paid work, unpaid work, are they a student, are they unemployed and 
> seeking work, unemployed and not seeking work, retired, carer, are 
> they a young child or infant, or something else? There may be 
> multiple, like both studying and working.
> A lot of feedback has been that we should constrain this to just 
> employment, ie paid work. That would make the definition simple, but 
> that’s not the concept we’re trying to define. We’ve been thinking 
> about things like role in life, socio-economic or psychosocial 
> activity situation, or activity in daily life. The first is rather 
> vague, the second isn’t really a common expression, and the third 
> feels too close to “ADL”, which is normally thought of functional 
> assessments like whether you can take care of your own hygiene and 
> nutrition.
> A typical question that would lead to this concept could be “What do 
> you do?”.
> We’d really appreciate any ideas for what words or phrases we should 
> use to name and describe this concept!

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