Machine Learning , some thoughts

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Mon Jun 25 07:02:42 EDT 2018

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 12:52:07PM +0200, Bert Verhees wrote:

> Allthough, there are some patient-conditions which are very typical for a
> disease, mostly this is not the case.
> For example, many infection-diseases have fever as a symptom, and one person
> gets pain in his back, and the other has headache as a result of fever and
> other inconveniences coming with infection disease.
> So, the GP cannot do much with machine learning, the best source of
> knowledge is his experience,

Experience is, at most, an equal source to evidence. It
becomes "better" over time.

> and if he cannot solve with that, he should ask
> someone else, or send the patient to the hospital to a specialist.

Nonetheless, an algorithm _can_ scan records in the
background looking for telltale constellations indicating the
"I am sure" group (which we sometimes DO miss) and highlight
those to the GP.

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