Machine Learning , some thoughts

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Mon Jun 25 09:34:59 EDT 2018

On 25-06-18 14:56, Anastasiou A. wrote:
> Once you have this minimal dataset discovered, THEN you could compose the template or automatically create the archetypes.
> And yes, this CAN be done today, definitely.

There is an understandable mindset which aspires to work with a 
standard-set of archetypes, which are many times reviewed, and which 
have a review-status and a kind of guaranteed quality. There is a risque 
of bias in this, for example: That datapoint is not practical, a GP will 
never record that, or it is not significant. Those predefined archetypes 
are always a filter on what can occur. But they have also an advantage 
because they are build on common sense, on what is desirable in 
healthcare to know. So mostly they cover what is to say about a disease, 
but it is always knowledge from the past, and always in common sense, so 
it is quite conservative.

I wonder if besides that approach an approach of archetypes growing in 
the wild could be of use. They could be used beside the predefined 

So we don't need to worry, we throw nothing away. We are adding, not 


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