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One needs patters that document the documentation process in general for Medical Statements, Evaluations, Orders, Actions
Patterns to Collect Complaints
Patterns to Collect Observations by tractus
Patterns to collect complaint specific  data
Patterns to collect Diagnosis specific data
Patterns to collect data for ordering of procedures (diagnostic, treatment)

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> On 25 Jun 2018, at 16:51, Anastasiou A. <a.anastasiou at> wrote:
> Hello Bert and all
>> I wonder if besides that approach an approach of archetypes growing in the wild could be of use. They could be used beside the predefined archetypes.
> I don't think that enabling people to create local fragmented subsets of information is a step in the right direction. We still
> need the functionality of the CKM, in the same way that you need consensus in an open source project. You need to file
> issues, that are reproducible and reasonable and someone takes responsibility for dealing with them and there is a cycle
> of "refreshing" the current best knowledge and so on.
> I am hoping that somewhere, some junior doctors are taking up projects in defining Archetypes and Templates and buddy up
> with their friends who joined Computer Science instead and they all become a tribe too.
> They could be working on "Archetypes & Templates for Secondary Uses of Routinely Collected Data" and that could be a lab for development of new things
> away from "practice".
> As a side comment: I think that you are also speaking from different experiences. There is still some way to go in the transition to an electronic HER that would
> enable all this. Maybe things are progressing faster where you are (?)
> All the best
> Athanasios Anastasiou

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