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Karsten Hilbert Karsten.Hilbert at
Wed Jun 27 06:36:23 EDT 2018

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 12:28:30PM +0200, Diego Boscá wrote:

> Technically it's ok if patients/citizens are aware of it (and willing to share it)

No, because the basic rule is that

	everything is forbidden

except where

		explicitely allowed


		it can only be allowed if *necessary* for
		a given purpose,

which, by definition, it is not:

>>> [...] it is not possible to know which information is
>>> relevant, and that all information is better recorded just in case

That is, at any rate, the current interpretation I am aware
of here in Germany.

Of course, this whole situation attests to the cluelessness
of people designing GDPR.

"Just in case" is simply not possible.

But better to let this rest.

Karsten Hilbert
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