Machine Learning , some thoughts

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Thanks for your reply, Anastasiou,

I disagree with some opinions you express as fact.

On 27-06-18 14:21, Anastasiou A. wrote:
> I think that this is the bit that causes the “friction” J
> “Archetype” is not a “value”. It is a type.
It is an archetype, it is written in ADL following the ADL-syntax, it 
is  processable by AOM, it consists of datatypes from the reference model.

It has ontology, it can have coding, it has a creator, and it can fit in 
an archetype slot. Sometimes it is more data-points, closely related.

> Archetypes help you think conceptually about the domain. They are not 
> supposed to be fancy containers (That’s what Templates are for J).
That is another discussion, but I see in CKM archetypes which are 
container archetypes. I don't see any problem in that, container 
archetypes can cause modularity, and flexibility in datastorage. For 
example, all those cluster archetypes, they cannot be added in an 
composition, they are to add to an entry archetype, which at that point 
has a slot as container.

Templates have another function, they are for a specific purpose which 
is outside the boundaries of OpenEhr-datastorage purposes, for example, 
creating messages, creating screens, etc.

Best regards


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