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One other example of "a big bunch of" things is
This does not come for free. Snomed works along a well defined set of 
processes, performed by experts with well defined profiles. Much of this 
is paid work.

There are things volunteers can do. There are other things that need 
I often saw very successful volunteer initiatives, doing innovation in 
medical care. They designed IT systems, using archetypes or other 
technology, and did a lot of good.

Many then wanted to scale these best practices to larger communities. 
That is when the law, quality, standards and harmonised archetypes come in.

Wiser men have been there before:
Shortliffe EH: The adolescence of AI in medicine: will the field come of 
age in the '90s? Artif Intell Med. 1993 Apr;5(2):93-106.
 From that I often throw the following sentences around:
"If the situation is to change, there must be high-level institutional 
support for medical computing applications in clinical settings. I am 
not arguing for blind adoption of computational innovations, but I do 
believe that *we must accept the impossibility of viewing the 
introduction of decision-support tools as a grass-roots activity that 
emerges from the research lab*, appears as an isolated entity is a 
clinic or on a hospital ward, *and then grows by some kind of mass 
effect to encompass an entire medical community*. It is naiveté about 
this point which has characterized our efforts to introduce AIM systems 
in the past.

Instead, the greatest hope for *effective systems will be realized when 
the infrastructure for introducing computational tools in medicine has 
been put in place by visionary leaders who understand the importance of 
networking, integration, shared access to patient data bases, and the 
use of standards for data exchange, communications, and knowledge sharing.*"

The archetype community  (and many other standards groups) have them 
all, volunteers, early adopters, and large scale implementers. Sometimes 
we lose sight of each other, but they are all there.

Looking forward,
greetings from Vienna,


Am 27.06.2018 um 22:26 schrieb Bert Verhees:
> On 27-06-18 16:43, Philippe Ameline wrote:
>> 1) you can find a bunch of practitioners that agree on working extra
>> hours to comment a big bunch of images, or
> Did I tell you about the plant-app? I believe I did. 700.000 pictures 
> are reviewed, often by volunteers.
> The app recognizes 16000 plants. Important is how you do it, and that 
> it does not cost effort by the volunteers, for example in relation to 
> what they do anyway.
> It is a French product.
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