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> On 28 Jun 2018, at 16:03, Stefan Sauermann <sauermann at> wrote:
> Instead, the greatest hope for effective systems will be realized when the infrastructure for introducing computational tools in medicine has been put in place by visionary leaders who understand the importance of networking, integration, shared access to patient data bases, and the use of standards for data exchange, communications, and knowledge sharing.”

We need standards on how to describe the health data and their epistemology/context, modeling patterns and rules on how to use coding systems and deal with ‘negation’, just to mention a few other things needed to define data inside EHR systems in such a way that data can exchanged.

> The archetype community  (and many other standards groups) have them all, volunteers, early adopters, and large scale implementers. Sometimes we lose sight of each other, but they are all there.
> Looking forward,
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> Stefan

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