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Any one automobile or airplane or house is built using many, many standards.

The models/standards I mentioned deal with a particular aspect of data to be stored, retrieved, processed and exchanged.
Data that is generated in and by a patient in a context,
observed by a person in a context
Data that is documented using a structural model,
using codings systems based on models/standards,
etc. etc.

All are important, none is king or the centre of the world.


Your joke deals with the situation where there are competing standards.
In my case I mention standards that do not compete, do not overlap.

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> On 29 Jun 2018, at 00:15, Bert Verhees <bert.verhees at> wrote:
> GF said: We need standards on how to describe the health data and their epistemology/context, modeling patterns and rules on how to use coding systems and deal with ‘negation’, just to mention a few other things needed to define data inside EHR systems in such a way that data can exchanged.
> Dear Gerard, you know the joke?
> A: We have 14 standards how to be interoperable in healthcare IT
> B: What? I go and create a new standard which replaces all these standards.
> A: We have 15 standards how to be interoperable in healthcare IT
> The lesson is: We are all to small to be the center of the universe. We can all be a part of it, nothing more.

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