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Exactly right. Archetypes are high-value clinical informatics work, and 
they are free. Making more of them, faster, means getting more clinician 
and informatician time, which means that projects who would like to have 
domain models of information and process - even if their final 
consumption format is not openEHR - should consider providing some time 
(machine conversions are pretty easy, and there is a lot of open source 
software about to do them). It's the only way good things get made 
faster and remain free for everyone to use.

- thomas

On 29/06/2018 06:13, Heather Leslie wrote:
> Hi Bert,
> I’d really like to be careful about the terms we use here.
> “But if flexibility is slowed down by years of review, discussing and 
> consensus over the whole world for a set of archetypes, then there is 
> not much flexibility left.”
> At present, the slow part is lack of editorial resources to facilitate 
> the reviews and achieving consensus. Until we have adequate funded 
> resources applied to the CKM process and then still proved that it is 
> too slow, please try not to disseminate this kind of message.
> Some will use loose phrases as their ‘truth’ and perpetuate further 
> misinformation about openEHR.
> Regards
> Heather

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