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Fri Jun 29 16:31:18 EDT 2018

On 29-06-18 07:13, Heather Leslie wrote:
> please try not to disseminate this kind of message.

I understand the message, Heather, and every time when I express some 
criticism about how CKM is functioning, I never forget to tell how 
important it is and how good work it is. When you would had copied the 
whole message, you would see a nuanced message.

Then you would have also quoted this: "I like OpenEhr, because of the 
archetyped system, and the flexibility it offers." and this: "This 
(procedures in CKM) can work very good for the archetypes which are in 
CKM, but all those new devices, all those new datatypes, which cannot 
wait for these procedures, because the market will be jumped forward by 

In fact it is your quoting only a small part of that message which 
causes a extra negative image.

And maybe I am wrong, it is to others to tell me that. That is 
discussion. I think discussion is very important. I am therefor happy 
that you explain why you got irritated by my message. And I see your 
point. In the context of marketing, it is good to tell how important and 
how qualified the people are, and how many there are. And not only under 
a hidden tabview somewhere in CKM, but on the frontpage, in a blog, or 
on twitter.

I think OpenEhr could use good marketing, I promise I will do so (I will 
write a very positive blog about CKM, and share it in my growing 
Twitter-network, next week), to compensate that possible negative 
sentence I wrote.

Further that is another subject and I rather stay with this one where I 
started and I am glad to see that Thomas did some suggestions to which I 
gonna reply now.

Best regards, and I will better take care in the future.


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