wellness, lifestyle, sports archetypes ... or templates?

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at rosa.nl
Fri Jun 29 17:23:30 EDT 2018

On 29-06-18 15:01, Thomas Beale wrote:
> Others may have better ideas, interested to hear from anyone who works 
> with this kind of data. 

I sport a lot, every day, but only very amateur, never did a serious 
match, but I climbed several mountains on a bike, also the tough ones 
like the Tourmalet (which means: bad choice of a tour). So I did use 
some tooling, software, bike computers, heartrate devices.

Not as a serious proposition, but just to show how it differs from a 
health-problem archetype-set, just as an illustration to show that we 
need people to help us, and lots of study from devices on the market, 
and I am sure they are not all ISO certified, but still used a lot, also 
by professionals.

So in CKM, we have:

For example, in healthcare, you take a heartrate once, and maybe you 
want to notate the device you used, I looked to the archetype : 
openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.pulse.v1. It is really focused on heart-related 

That is not what we are looking for. So let me explain, I write it 
quickly, just as illustration

In sports, you take heartrate all the time, and it is every measurement 
the same device. And maybe professionals look further (maybe a 
mini-ECG?), but mostly, it is only the beat that counts, and that over 
hours of time.

Cyclist want to relate that heartbeat to

1 the weather (wind (strong week) (in back in front) temperature)

2 the slope in mountains

3 the speed of the cyclist (can be calculated from coordinates)

So to do this we need an OBSERVATION archetype which offers room for 
many puls measurments (thousands), and the exact time of measurement in 
seconds, so it can be combined with coordinates, That is the second 
thing the archetype needs to store.
The heartbeat will be measured directly, but the other values will be 
available at the end of the tour, in GPX format. Maybe there are devices 
which communicate GPX data also directly.
Here is an example of a GPX schema: 
Here is some pointer of info of GPX which contains heartrate data:

Because heartrate and gpx-data do not always come at the same moment, it 
could also be stored using different archetypes. So, there would be a 
composition for cyclist-sports, for example.

There is also the difference for amateurs and for professionals. 
Teamleaders watch heartrates of their cyclists all the time. They select 
helpers for Froome or Dumoulin while looking at the heartrates, and from 
experience. And they are angry on cyclist which heartrate does not show 
signs of suffering.

Best regards

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