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CIMI made the decision to use LOINC for the ‘question' part of the statement.
And SNOMED for the ‘answer’ part.
Leading to: Question = Answer, or something coded in LOINC is something coded in SNOMED.
Nodes in an archetype coded in LOINC and data coded in SNOMED.

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> On 12 Mar 2018, at 01:38, Pablo Pazos <pablo.pazos at cabolabs.com> wrote:
> Now that I have more experience with SNOMED expressions, I like the idea of doing the binding with an expression, also I think an expression includes the single code binding, if that is correct there is no need of defining a different notation for single code binding, just use a simple expression formed by one specific concept code. Also the expression being something processable and very versatile, we can express complex concepts with a few codes, which will help on adding knowledge to the archetype and serve to a better and simpler CDS.
> About the metadata, there should be expressed against which SNOMED release this expression was created. We can't be sure only with min version. I should be responsibility of the user to check if the expression works on a different version/release of SNOMED. Another metadata is if the version is a local extension, some countries have their own extensions.
> I don't know if we need to support other terminologies (technically) and if doing that is useful (strategically). Terminology services can do SNOMED to ICD, and ICD is not clinical relevant. LOINC is useful, but there is a SNOMED-LOINC collaboration, so we might expect an official mapping in the future (https://loinc.org/collaboration/snomed-international/ <https://loinc.org/collaboration/snomed-international/>). IMO we should focus on SNOMED.

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