Terminology bindings ... again

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at rosa.nl
Mon Mar 12 10:50:06 EDT 2018

On 12-03-18 08:51, GF wrote:
> Nodes in an archetype coded in LOINC and data coded in SNOMED.

LOINC defines a way to asks clinical questions which coded answers may 
be represented by SNOMED-CT. LOINC has the worldwide integration and 
SNOMED-CT has the  detailed semantics, and is the leading global 
clinical terminology.  So the both are well matched partners, and as a 
consequence the owners of both coding systems, IHTSDO and the 
Regenstrief Institute agreed to a plan to integrate both coding systems 
to one coding system. This plan defines a cooperative work, which 
started in 2014, and according to this plan, all LOINC-concepts will 
have SNOMED-CT concepts somewhere in 2018.


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