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Hi Thérèse,

Sorry for the delay in response.

There was a large project carried out here in Australia in 2010-2011, so quite a few years ago. Templates were created for reporting for a number of cancers from a few countries. I vividly remember Ian McNicoll, who  carried out most of the work, presenting it remotely to a meeting with RCPA representatives in Sydney between 11pm and 4am local time for him!

I found some of those templates and I’ve finally managed to upload the breast-related templates up into an incubator on CKM - It wasn’t an easy task and there are some minor issues with the templates in order to get them uploaded but they are largely intact. You will be able to download the template and component archetypes as a file set now. I

Please note that as far as I’m aware,  these protocols are outdated and many of the archetypes that were developed for this work are also now rejected and superseded. The ones on microscopy that you’ve found relate to this project and would possibly be developed slightly differently with the experience we have gained since then. So please take a look at the work but be reminded that these are for demonstration purposes, mainly.

I believe that as a result of this work it triggered a larger block of collaboration between Australia, Canada and UK resulting in more recent protocols with (hopefully) increased alignment which makes these templates even more outdated.

I hope this helps



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I'm a master student at Linköpings University and are writing my master thesis as a part of the Biomedical engineering program. The thesis is about investigating the possibility to create a dynamic template for breast specimen, with openEHR and SNOMED CT,  in the pathology lab to replace four static locally created templates.

I've found the archetype openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.microscopy_breast_carcinoma.v1 and I was wondering if someone has done anything similar?
If someone has created a template I could have a look on.
If someone has started to work on a macroscopic part archetype in the same area.
If someone has any tip or opinions, everything is welcome.

I'm quite new on openEHR and I'm trying to learn as much as possible!

Thanks in advance,
Thérèse Högberg Mårder

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