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On 18/09/2018 04:21, Heather Leslie wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've just been talking with Silje about our plans for Medinfo from the 
> clinical modelling program.
> We'd like to share our current thinking and ideas for some broader 
> openEHR engagement.
>  1. 3 Panels:
>      1. *Clinical modelling panel* – focus on community engagement,
>         modelling activity and patterns
>      2. *Technical/developers panel* – focus on the technical and
>         software aspects of openEHR, AQL, GDL perhaps
>      3. *Implementers panel* – focus on the platform and experience
>         from real-life implementations
>         There’s almost a tradition now that we’ve held a Clinical
>         modelling and Technical workshop at each Medinfo, but
>         Medinfo’s working definition of a workshop is that the
>         presenters and the audience are meant to be equals and there
>         is a lot of audience participation. While we aspire to this,
>         in reality we really have experts presenting on their latest
>         ideas/work and the audience has variable opportunities to ask
>         questions, which more fits with Medinfo’s definition of a
>         panel. So we are suggesting that we could run a suite of
>         complementary panels covering these 3 areas of openEHR activity.

good idea.

> 1.
>      1. @Shinji – I know you have already suggested the developer’s
>         workshop – what do you think of this as an alternative?
>  2. Panel exploring how openEHR, FHIR & SNOMED work together – a cross
>     SDO panel!

I think HL7 has little interest in working with any other SDOs/orgs, and 
mainly appears to be interested in keeping the FHIR hype going.

- t

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