MEDINFO 2019, Lyon, France.

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Great to hear about all of this activity, Xudong! Thanks for this.

Are others interested in coordinating or collaborating on panels/workshops? Other activities? I’d love to see the broadest community involved, not just the regulars… All ideas welcome.



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Hi Heather,

Thanks for sharing your plans for Medinfo 2019. They are great!

I have talked about Medinfo 2019 with the people in Chinese openEHR
communitiy. And listed some of my thoughts.

1. Some of works done in China are perfectly fit with 3 panel, I think
it's good to invite the corresponding person to join in these panels.
   a. Clinical modelling panel – the oral medicine modeling working
group has been initiated this year in China, I think they can share
the progress and the initial results in the panel.
   b. Technical/developers panel (workshop) - One of my colleagues
has been worked on extending GDL with expression language to support
CDSS, I think he can share his research in the panel also.
   c.  Implementers panel - Chinese Military EHR Project has switched
its infrastructure to openEHR since last year, the project is led by
Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, it's the largest project based
on openEHR in China so far. I think it will be good to invite the
researcher in the project to share the experience of the this project
to the international community.

2. Koray and I are starting to collaborate on interconnecting two
openEHR-based ACS registries from New Zealand and China, and
conducting further data analytics on these registries. I'm sure we can
have some progress to share in the time of Medinfo 2019

3. Possible papers from my lab:
   - OCQL: a CQL-like language to represent clinical quality
indicators based on openEHR to facilitate the quality measurement
   - Using GDL to express rules for clinical data quality assessment

Hope these information can be useful.

Best Regards

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Hi everyone,

I've just been talking with Silje about our plans for Medinfo from the clinical modelling program.

We'd like to share our current thinking and ideas for some broader openEHR engagement.

  1.  3 Panels:

     *   Clinical modelling panel – focus on community engagement, modelling activity and patterns
     *   Technical/developers panel – focus on the technical and software aspects of openEHR, AQL, GDL perhaps
     *   Implementers panel – focus on the platform and experience from real-life implementations

There’s almost a tradition now that we’ve held a Clinical modelling and Technical workshop at each Medinfo, but Medinfo’s working definition of a workshop is that the presenters and the audience are meant to be equals and there is a lot of audience participation. While we aspire to this, in reality we really have experts presenting on their latest ideas/work and the audience has variable opportunities to ask questions, which more fits with Medinfo’s definition of a panel. So we are suggesting that we could run a suite of complementary panels covering these 3 areas of openEHR activity.
@Shinji – I know you have already suggested the developer’s workshop – what do you think of this as an alternative?

  1.  Panel exploring how openEHR, FHIR & SNOMED work together – a cross SDO panel!
  2.  Clinical modelling tutorial – teaching participants how easy it is to learn to build a template in half a day
  3.  Possible papers

     *   Medication family of archetypes – Ian, Hildi & Silje
     *   Physical exam patterns – myself

What do you think about these options?

Who else has ideas or proposals?

@Shinji has already set up a wiki page to help us coordinate our efforts -



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Subject: MEDINFO 2019, Lyon, France.

Dear openEHR colleagues,

In the next year, MEDINFO 2019 will be in Lyon, France, from 26th to 30th August, 2019.

The application for paper/poster/workshop/tutorial deadline is Nov 12.

This is important, ONLY less than TWO MONTH left for the deadline.

I already launched wiki page for MEDINFO 2019.

If you have some plan for proposal related with openEHR, please give us comments on the wiki or mail.

I will propose the openEHR developers' workshop, again.

AGAIN. Two month is not so long, rather short.

Best regards,

Shinji Kobayashi


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