MEDINFO 2019, Lyon, France.

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Hi Grahame,

Over the years I’ve attended so many Ed & Chuck sessions where they have provided informative updates on HL7 activities. But historically HL7 is the only approach that people get to hear. At this conference we have an opportunity to do the same, about updates from this community, just another view.

I’ve only ever tried to encourage collaboration between HL7 & openEHR. I’m tired of insinuations to the contrary.

Perhaps you missed my suggestion for a “Panel exploring how openEHR, FHIR & SNOMED work together – a cross SDO panel”?

Why don’t you volunteer to participate?



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It will likely be a useful counter to the usual HL7 panels that run each conference.

out of interest, what are those?

do you want to continue to act 'counter' to HL7, or is there a different future?


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