formal openEHR guidelines, GDL, expressions, Task Planning: who will author them?

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Hi Thomas

As a clinician / informatician I prefer the first style, but for most
people not familiar with scripting or coding both will look too abstract to
pick up and run with off the bat.

In Scotland we are planning to use GDL but we are very early days in the
process. Our intention is to skill up a number of guideline / decision
support developers (probably from the jointly clinical/technical skilled
people, but not developers as such)  to be able to author and maintain
these apps for us, and also to encourage independent developers and
companies to do the same. I guess that the people authoring these things
will be both from developer and clinical communities, and will need to work
together regardless to actually create meaningful and useful decision


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On Fri, 21 Sep 2018 at 17:39, Thomas Beale <thomas.beale at> wrote:

> I've put up a wiki page with a draft of what a real world guideline
> <>
> (for choosing breast cancer therapy, based on various input variables)
> might look like in the emerging openEHR Expression language
> <>.
> The example on the page shows the guideline in two forms: the first is a
> more natural-language style syntax, and the second is something close to
> TypeScript, a web programming language.
> We can make the Expression Language work in either style, very easily. The
> questions are:
>    - what kind of professional will create these kinds of guidelines, and
>    also rules inside archetypes
>    <>
>    ?
>    - what style of syntax is better to use?
> It is early days for guideline and rule authoring, but it will certainly
> come. So it would be helpful to get some ideas from the community on this.
> You could reply here, or comment on the wiki page linked above.
> thanks
> - thomas beale
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