Small question about commits and AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id

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Hi Thomas & Pablo,
I am finding the words in the this discussion ambiguous, and the specification does help to clarify. Here is my interpretation of AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id.

I have an EHR service, which is used by two different application, one is a hospital system and another a mobile application that may not be related to the hospital system but share the same EHR service. When the hospital system and mobile application commits something they are using the same system_id, the system_id of the EHR service. If there is an exchange of data between this EHR service and another organisations EHR service via an EHR extract, the system ID will be used in the other organisations EHR service to identify that the commit was performed in the original organisations system_id.

Therefore, the system_id identifies the system that is assigning version identifiers in the EHR repository, i.e. the AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id matches the system_id component of the version.uid. This is important for distributed versioning.

So in Pablo's scenario, it is one system of multiple components with multiple components sharing the same EHR service, the mobile and the EMR would use the same system_id.

Has my interpretation been wrong for 10 years? If so, then we need clarity added to the specification.


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Hi Pablo,

the original idea is that it is an id more like "" - i.e. an actual host domain, so if the data are copied or moved elsewhere, the receiver knows the original EMR system that the data were created on.

- thomas

On 20/08/2014 17:25, pablo pazos wrote:

I'm reviewing the common_im specs, and the description for AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id is: "Identity of the system where the change was committed. Ideally this is a machine- and human-processable identifier, but it may not be".

I have an architecture like this:

EMR: data input, transactional, specific for 1 medical specialty
Mobile APP: data input, transactional, for patient data input
EHR: where commits are done to the patient EHR from EMR, Mobile APP and other systems

All the system together (EHR, EMR, Mobile APP) is called E-EHR.

What should I use as the CONTRIBUTION.audit.system_id when the EHR gets commits from EMR and Mobile APP?
("EHR"? "EMR"/"Mobile APP"?, "E-EHR"?).

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