Small question about commits and AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id

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Thu Aug 21 04:47:35 EDT 2014


this is correct, you were not wrong for 10 y ;-)

We don't record the name or type or id of the application, and I am not 
sure even now if that would be of any use. I can't see that it would be. 
The system_id is for exactly the purpose that Heath as explained here.

- thomas

On 21/08/2014 00:27, Heath Frankel wrote:
> Hi Thomas & Pablo,
> I am finding the words in the this discussion ambiguous, and the 
> specification does help to clarify. Here is my interpretation of 
> AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id.
> I have an EHR service, which is used by two different application, one 
> is a hospital system and another a mobile application that may not be 
> related to the hospital system but share the same EHR service. When 
> the hospital system and mobile application commits something they are 
> using the same system_id, the system_id of the EHR service. If there 
> is an exchange of data between this EHR service and another 
> organisations EHR service via an EHR extract, the system ID will be 
> used in the other organisations EHR service to identify that the 
> commit was performed in the original organisations system_id.
> Therefore, the system_id identifies the system that is assigning 
> version identifiers in the EHR repository, i.e. the 
> AUDIT_DETAILS.system_id matches the system_id component of the 
> version.uid. This is important for distributed versioning.
> So in Pablo's scenario, it is one system of multiple components with 
> multiple components sharing the same EHR service, the mobile and the 
> EMR would use the same system_id.
> Has my interpretation been wrong for 10 years? If so, then we need 
> clarity added to the specification.

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