Intra-archetype semantic relationships

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Tue Jan 14 14:16:01 EST 2014

On 14/01/2014 11:07, Diego Boscá wrote:
> I like the idea, we were already exploring something similar to this 
> for intra-archetype semantic relationships.

Since Diego brought up the topic....

one of the final things needed in ADL/AOM 1.5 is a better kind of slot, 
which works off an ontology of archetypes. The question is: is the 
ontology hierarchy defined by their specialisation relationships (and 
going up into the categories Observation, Evaluation etc) or by some 
independent ontology? The former would be automatically extractable from 
the specialisation relationships of a population of archetypes, but the 
latter is more likely to work as needed. Anyway, assuming that the 
ontology can be established (e.g. in CKM or somewhere), new slots would 
look something like:

items matches {

     allow_archetype CLUSTER[id24] matches {< device_description OR << manual_procedure}

Where 'device' means CLUSTER archetypes classified under a 
device_description node in the ontology. The '<' means any child (but 
not this concept), '<<' means this concept or any child. The value of 
this approach is that you may define your slot and publish your 
archetype, then some time later, you realise you need to allow a new 
archetype to be a slot filler. Assuming that the new archetype can be 
reasonably classified as a 'device' or 'manual procedure' then you do 
this in the ontology, and your slot definition now evaluates to pick up 
your new archetype - no changes needed to either archetype.

More complex constraints could be defined:

items matches {

     allow_archetype CLUSTER[id24] matches {< device_description OR << manual_procedure EXCEPT massage }

These kinds of expressions start to look like ref-set definitions, where 
the ref-set are being defined on the archetype ontology rather than some 
external terminology like SNOMED. If the archetype ontology were defined 
in a SNOMED extension or similar, the same technical tools could be used 
to evaluate slots.

- thomas

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