ADL/AOM 1.5 progress update

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Tue Jan 28 06:55:28 EST 2014

Update on progress in the last few weeks:

I have implemented a reasonable form of the value-sets in terminology 
idea. All is explained here on the updated wiki page 
Originally I had notions of making some 'powerful' triple-based design, 
but in the end, a more pragmatic solution more or less like Daniel 
Karlsson proposed made more sense. The wiki page has examples, so you 
can see easily what's going on.

The terse *summary of all changes in recent times *is on this page 

I am working with Harold Solbrig @ Mayo on refining the last details of 
the terminology binding / value set AOM model semantics. A completely up 
to date set of specification documents will be available very soon. The 
AOM UML shown here 
not quite up-to-date, but is very close, in case you are interested.

The ADL Workbench will also be available in a new limited release 
imminently. It has taken some time for me to implement the conversions 
described on the above page, so that archetypes you may already have 
will be completely or nearly completely converted automatically for you.

A lot of these changes have come from working with CIMI, and I would say 
we have made more progress on clinical modelling in the last few months 
than in the last 3 years. Nothing like some cross-fertilisation...

- thomas

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