Archetype editor, CKM and v0 & v1

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On a related note; the website still advertises Archetype Editor v2.2.905 beta from 2013, and Template Designer 2.6.1213.3. Especially now after the v1 -> v0 change, the newest builds should be linked from the web site.

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good point. Maybe a slightly more civilised version would be


that forces there to be one or more digits, and if there is anything else, it must start with a dot. Somewhat safer perhaps.

- thomas

On 22/07/2015 23:34, Peter Gummer wrote:
Hi Ian,

The + is redundant here, since it's just saying that there has to be one or more digits after the 'v'. But the next thing that it says is that you can have anything at all after those digits.

So you might as well omit the +:


This says that there has to be a digit after the 'v', followed by anything at all. This amounts to the same, since any extra digits qualify as "anything at all".


On 23 Jul 2015, at 01:55, Ian McNicoll <ian at<mailto:ian at>> wrote:

Thanks Thomas,

I will go with


which will give us a bit of flexibility and solve Dave's problem (I think!).

unless anyone strongly objects, of course.


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