latest updates to AD2 / AOM2 specifications

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Fri Aug 21 11:37:22 EDT 2015

I am finalising the ADL/AOM2 specifications, mainly updating text, and 
incorporating content from older separate documents. It's not finished 
yet, but sections that may interest some people:

  * templates and template overlays
  * efficient serialisation formats
    for archetypes (JSON, XML, ODIN, YAML)
  * Antlr4 grammar for ADL 2

The Antr4 grammar is not normative yet (so don't trust it yet) - we are 
still working with the devs at Marand on converging the multiple 
existing grammars to one thing.

Another document at a much higher level is now online, that answers the 
questions 'what are archetypes?' and 'what are they for?' is here:

  * Archetypes Technology Overview

When these documents are finalised (next few weeks), they will enter the 
normal openEHR process for review 
<>. If you 
want to make comments now, please feel free to comment in one of the 
following ways:

  * on this list, for more informal comments
  * errors and omissions - please report on the openEHR SPECPR Jira

- thomas

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