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At Medinfo2015 i have been positively surprised by all the different
openEHR implementations that I had not heard of before.

AQL capability is present or planned in both some of the previously and
recently known openEHR implemetnations

It would be good to collaborate around testing, updates and practial
application of shared AQL grammar resources so that it becomes easier to
support AQL in openEHR implementations.

When implementing AQL in the LiU-EEE REST demonstrator we used Java CC,
that was a bit messy and uncomfortable working with. Using ANTLR4 seems
like a potentially better way to go now, (including better tooling etc) so
let's help each other with ANTLR4 grammar and application.

Related wiki-pages:

   - - Is
   the v0.0.28: Aql.g
   available from there the latest AQL ANTLR-grammar that anybody is aware of?

Please respond and tell the rest of us what kind of plans, ideas and
experiences you have regarding AQL parsing/implementation/translation etc.

Best regards,
Erik Sundvall
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