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Sun Aug 23 18:24:31 EDT 2015

I am working with Antlr4, studying it also. It's possibilities are amazing.
I think it is the best grammar environment, Terence Parr (rhe designer of
it) explains why, and I think he is right. One important reason is that
Antlr4 does not need code fragments in its grammar so that he grammar
really is target language independent. With target language, the engine
architecture but also programming language is meant.

There are a lot of grammar examples, and maybe there is one for xquery
which would be very similar as AQL

But writing the grammar is one thing, the next thing is, what to do with
the generated Antlr4  visitor or tree classes ( in any programming language)

Writing a query engine could be too much asked for an open source
community. So better would be to use the grammar to come to an AQL to
XQuery translation. When that is ready, we could use AQL on XML databases,
which, are good performing when one is ready to pay a good price.

Maybe there is an object oriented query language which engine can be used
for OO databases, but I am afraid, that is not my metier.

So, when the purpose is to use AQL on XML databases (I remember the old
discussion we had about XML databases, but maybe we can agree to disagree
on that), and translation to xquery is all right, then I can offer some
help. I want to do that because I think a congruent set of standard
techniques based on the same paradigm (ADL paths) wil offer enormous

So, please let me know if it is necessary to help. Maybe others are very
experienced in Antlr4 and it could be that it is more efficient when they
do it.
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